Our Services

Our Services


In my more than thirty-five years as a financial professional, I have seen many expensive investing mistakes.  Smart, knowledgeable people can make errors in their investment decisions, possibly costing them substantial amount of dollars in lost principal.

We are in the age of do-it-yourself.  You can make your own investments and have plenty of self-help magazines, online services, the Internet, investment newsletters, etc to assist you.  There is no shortage of knowledge out there, but you may still feel there is missing information that can help.

These sources mentioned can explain the thousands of investment options available.  When you think about it, there are literally millions of different ways to put your own portfolio together, given the number of options.  But none of these sources may likely tie it all together to create a “good fit” for your personal circumstances.

That’s where a financial professional may be able to help.  At EH Shum Financial Solutions, our goal is to help you in an efficient and effective manner, reach for your own financial security goals by taking the time to fully understand your personal needs and situation.  We feel that ‘understanding’ is the most important part of developing your financial goals.  Once your goals are clear we can plan effective financial strategies.  The next step is to provide you with clear choices that are consistent with your values and priorities.

To assist you with your financial goals we provide the following services:

  • Personal Investment Coaching
  • Tax Planning
  • Social Security Maximization Strategies
  • Tax-Wise Financial Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Professional Portfolio Management
  • Retirement Distribution Methods
  • Tax Free and Tax Advantage Planning
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