Do Our Biases Affect Our Financial Choices?

Even the most seasoned investors are prone to their influence.

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, MBA, CLU                                                                                                                             

Investors are routinely warned about allowing their emotions to influence their decisions.  They are less routinely cautioned about letting their preconceptions and biases color their financial choices.

Eddy & Clayton’s Thoughts on Four Financial Hot Spots

When it rains it pours, as the saying goes.  If you’ve been following the financial news this summer, it probably seems like a torrential storm has been churning all around the world.  Every week, people ask me about the headlines they hear on TV.  “What’s going on with China?” they want to know.  “Is the Greece situation over?&

Is Your Company’s 401(k) Plan as Good as It Could Be?

In light of a recent SCOTUS ruling, this is a good time to double-check.

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

Volunteering and Retirement

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

The old image of the retiree sitting in a chair on the porch or playing unending golf is gone.  It’s not that retirement isn’t relaxing but thanks to the Baby Boom generation retirement has gone from a sedentary time of life to a very active time of life.1  And what are many retirees spending their time doing?

Behind on Your Retirement Savings?

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

What steps could you take to catch up?

If life has not allowed you to build substantial retirement savings, what can you do to improve your retirement prospects? Here are some suggestions.

The New Gradual Retirement

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

Do we really want to retire at 65? Not according to the latest annual retirement survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies which gauges the outlook of American workers. It found that 51% of us plan to work part-time once retired. Moreover, 64% of workers 60 and older wanted to work at least a little after 65 and 18% had no intention of retiring.

How Women Are Planning Their Financial Futures

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

Women are taking action to approach retirement with greater confidence. Some recent, intriguing survey data indicates that women are planning their financial futures with some degree of pragmatism, but also with considerable motivation.

One of the key motivations, it seems, is receiving financial advice.

4 Books For Father's Day Gift

4 Gifts Father's Day Pg 1.png

4 Gifts Father's Day Pg 2.png

3 Tips on Time Management

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

Today, I’d like to share a few simple, easy tips on how to manage time.

First off, always remember this basic truth: the purpose of time management is to maximize your ability to do what you want to do in the time you have available to do it.  In other words, let’s say you really want to collect stamps.  Proper time management can enable you to create more time for stamp collecting … or, if you prefer, to collect more stamps in the time you already have. 

Keep that in mind as you read the following tips.  Each is designed to help you maximize your ability to do more of what you want to do.

Protecting Yourself Against Cyberattacks

How vulnerable is your data?

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

25% of Americans were cyberhacked between March 2014 and March 2015. The American Institute of CPAs announced that alarming discovery in April, publishing the results of a survey conducted by Harris Poll. Disturbing? Certainly, but the instances of pre-retirees being victimized were even greater – 34% of adults aged 55-64 reported having their data stolen or compromised within that period.1

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