5 Tips for Managing Financial Stress

Money is just one of those things that sometimes brings people as much pain as it does pleasure. As the economy in an up cycle of the recession, things are looking better but just the thought and uncertainty of an unstable economy is often enough to bring the fear back into people’s minds

How to Select the “Right” Financial Professional

Choosing a financial professional is tough. There are generally a lot of options so how do you differentiate the crème de la créme of financial professionals who you can really trust to manage your hard-earned money?


Three Ways to Get More Done in a Day

You may have heard statistics or evidence that multitasking can actually make people less efficient. Actually, in many cases that’s true. Generally speaking, multitasking decreases the level of knowledge and understanding in a given task; and, sometimes it can lead to doing many things but not really accomplishing anything.

The Psychology of Loss Aversion

Do Women Have Unique Retirement Needs?

Do Women Have Unique Retirement Needs?
Questions women must ask about their retirement.

According to the Department of Labor, on average, a female retiring at age 65 can expect to live another 20 years, 3 years longer than a man retiring at the same age.1 Planning and saving for retirement should be considered early and specific to your situation.

Statistics tell us that women have unique retirement needs. Whether you are 20 years old or 70 years old, the fact remains that time will continue to lapse. And while there is certainly room in a person’s physical life for rest and relaxation, there is simply no room for complacency in a women’s financial life.

Naturally, I wouldn’t have introduced such an important topic without offering an equally powerful solution— education! That’s right; like many aspects of our daily lives, long-term financial protection begins with education. And that’s exactly where I can help. Therefore, I have enclosed Eight Important Questions Women Must Ask About Retirement from the U.S. Department of Labor.

25 Must Do

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Your 401(k) Could Be Worthless - Unless You Act!

It may have been in the newspapers or maybe on TV: the media has presented that 401(k) retirement accounts are essentially worthless. From companies refusing to match contributions to the volatile stock market, they say that your 401(k) can be a money drain. There’s no point in bothering with it. Right?

Keeping Important Documents Safe

Keeping Important Documents Safe

After reading about another fire in a neighborhood, I decided to do some research on the best way to keep important documents safe—in a safe-deposit box in a bank, a fire-proof safe at home, or both. I found varying opinions in my research online, and will share my summary with you.

Common Investment Mistakes

Counterproductive investing patterns can literally hamper the effectiveness of an investment strategy. Common Investments Mistakes delves into some of these counterproductive investment strategies to help you become a better informed investor.

Perseverance and Overcoming Hardship

The past few years have been tumultuous to say the least. We live in a time of economic downturn, wars, and a prevalence of crime and dissent in our society.

With all of the bad that goes on around us, we still have much opportunity and capacity to do good in this world. I recently came across the story of an early twentieth century explorer, Earnest Shackleton, his ship Endurance, and his crew. They give us an exceptional example of perseverance and overcoming hardship.

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