Thanksgiving Poem








Dear Friends,

When I was young, Thanksgiving was simple.

Election Aftermath 2020


How a Biden Administration May Affect the Markets

US Elections 2020

Pandemics and protests.  Wildfires, market crashes, and a recession.  If someone ever tries to tell the story of 2020 on film, it will take more movies than Star Wars.  At one point, we even had to worry about murder hornets.  Murder hornets! 

The Mystic Chords of Memory




“The most important office, and the one which all of us can and should fill, is that of private citizen.”  - Louis Brandeis, former Supreme Court Justice

Why Labor Day 2020 is unlike any other...but still worth celebrating like every other.




Labor Day is coming up! Normally, we’re used to celebrating it with parades, barbecues, and sometimes, fireworks. Unfortunately, for this Labor Day, we will have to go without the traditional celebrations.

What is Earnings Season?

What Is Earnings Season?

Financial results are reported each quarter.


Provided by Clayton K Shum, CFP®


Every few months, you may hear the phrase “we’re entering earnings season” as you read financial news.

To Commemorate Our Nation

Happy Independence Day! As we prepare to commemorate our beautiful nation, I’m conscious of the fact that this year’s holiday will probably be somewhat different than what we’re used to. Fireworks and barbecues will be balanced with the need to “flatten the curve.” Songs and celebrations will have to take place amid social distancing.

Memorial Day 2020

Remembering Fallen Heroes

Dear Friends of Eddy and Clayton,  
In honor of Memorial Day, I’d like to tell you a story about a man named Ben Salomon.

Coronavirus Market Recap

Coronavirus Market Recap


Dear Friends of Eddy and Clayton:

“When this is all over, what will I wish I had done?” 

Dear friends of Eddy and Clayton,


Four things others will wish they had done – that we’re already doing! 


I hope this letter finds you well – and especially, healthy! 


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