Eddy Shum

Why You Should Stay in Stocks in 2016

Why You Should Stay in Stocks in 2016? One bad trading day is not the year.
Provided by Eddy and Clayton Shum 

The stock market has wavered recently. A lackluster year just ended, and this year has started inauspiciously. You may be wondering ... should you really be invested in stocks right now?

Yes, you should be.

In moments like these, investors should not panic and overreact to the headlines. Instead, they should take the long view of stock market investing. Impulsive selling now can lead an investor to try and time the market later, and market timing usually leads investors to make mistakes.

Stock market investing is a long-run proposition. On a bad day, it may seem like the whole market is falling apart - but stock market performance is not measured only in days.

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