401(k) Retirement Accounts

Coronavirus Market Recap

Coronavirus Market Recap


Dear Friends of Eddy and Clayton:

The SECURE Act of 2019: What You Need To Know


The SECURE Act of 2019: What You Need To Know

How Retirement Spending Changes With Time


Once away from work, your cost of living may rise before it falls.


New retirees sometimes worry that they are spending too much, too soon. Should they scale back? Are they at risk of outliving their money?

Is Your Company’s 401(k) Plan as Good as It Could Be?

In light of a recent SCOTUS ruling, this is a good time to double-check.

Provided by Eddy H. Shum, CFP®, PFS, MBA, CLU, RFC®

Your 401(k) Could Be Worthless - Unless You Act!

It may have been in the newspapers or maybe on TV: the media has presented that 401(k) retirement accounts are essentially worthless. From companies refusing to match contributions to the volatile stock market, they say that your 401(k) can be a money drain. There’s no point in bothering with it. Right?

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