To Commemorate Our Nation

To Commemorate Our Nation

Happy Independence Day! As we prepare to commemorate our beautiful nation, I’m conscious of the fact that this year’s holiday will probably be somewhat different than what we’re used to. Fireworks and barbecues will be balanced with the need to “flatten the curve.” Songs and celebrations will have to take place amid social distancing. Indeed, our country is faced with challenges most of us have never experienced before.


But recently, I came across a quote that reminded me of something important: No matter how different this Independence Day may feel, the most important thing about our nation is still the same:


“I am an American, free born and free bred, where no one is my superior, except for their own worth, or my inferior, except for their own demerit.” – Theodore Roosevelt


Many things have changed since then, but his words still apply. For that reason, there is nothing – not even a pandemic – that can dampen my love for our country. And nothing can stop me from having a wonderful Independence Day. A day spent giving thanks for this land we live in. The home of the free and the brave. 

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