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Our Mission:  "To provide our clients with innovative and creative strategies and solutions for asset accumulation, asset protection, and wealth preservation using the most efficient approaches for tax minimization.

“We are dedicated to helping clients toward achieving their goals and obtaining a more secure financial future with simplicity and integrity."

What makes us Different?:

  • At EH Shum Financial Solutions, you are the most important person in our office.

We believe our clients deserve only the best!  We are available when you need us – with personalized attention tailored to fit your needs.  We pride ourselves in our efforts to provide clients with the most personal up to date financial planning services.

  • Open Communication

Open communication is vital to a good client.  We want you to feel comfortable about asking questions and discussing your financial concerns at all times.  You will find us to be excellent listeners and responsive to your needs and capable of meeting them.

  • Confidentiality

Your affairs are handled with strict confidentiality with a focus on maintaining the highest standards of the financial profession.

  • Let’s Get Acquainted

Financial planning is the key strategy that provides the ability to work toward making your dreams become a reality.  Assuming we are a “good fit”, we believe we can help make a difference in planning your financial life and help you reach for your financial goals.  We hope you give us the opportunity to help make a difference in working toward your financial dreams.  Call us for a no cost, no obligation consultation.  Let’s get acquainted!



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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Women Have Unique Retirement Needs?


Do Women Have Unique Retirement Needs?
Questions women must ask about their retirement.


According to the Department of Labor, on average, a female retiring at age 65 can expect to live another 20 years, 3 years longer than a man retiring at the same age. 1 Planning and saving for retirement should be considered early and specific to your situation.